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Latest work



Two Dog Family silhouette against blue sky
Chicken and Chick in backyard urban farming
Young pullet chicken roosting on a branch
Chocolate lab with brown background, head tilt begging
Big Dog with Muzzle
Spring colors dog with flower crown
Three dogs sitting in a garden surrounded by flowers
Dog celebrating patriotic holiday with red white and blue
Dog in boxing costume for halloween
Dog in all pink for valentines day
Cat near white Christmas tree

Earlier 2023

black and white dog in between lit up christmas trees, sparkly with space on the left
black and white dog sitting in a christmassy surrounding with lit up trees tilting head, cool.
black dog between fir trees wearing necklace with a christmas ball
black dogs with santa hats looking straight up
Border Collie in the city with christmas lights
cattle dog lying on a red backdrop surrounded by christmas balls tilting head
close up of two dogs between lit up and snow covered christmas trees
cute dog sitting in the evening in the christmas decorated old town with lights on
cute looking black dog tilting head between christmas trees with golden lights
dog sitting between lit up and snowy christmas trees, space on the right
Husky lying on the floor in front of a Christmas Tree resting head on funny moose and waiting for santa
Husky tilting head while sitting in the old town during christmas season
japanese akita lying chilled sideways on a red floor surrounded by christmas balls
little black dog sitting on a christmassy red box in front of a red backdrop looking towards viewer
shelter dog lying on a red christmassy foor like rudy the red nose reindeer
shelter dog standing on a red floor covered with christmas balls beeing attentive
Small dog sitting on a christmassy red backdrop with christmas balls and lights on the floor looking towards viewer
sweet looking husky with red santa hat, close up
Woman and her Dog Clappin Hands in snow
Belgian Malinois intense look
Cat and dog waiting in line
Cat at vet
Dog in surgery
Golden Doodle on white backgrond laughing
Happy Golden Doodle white background
Grey poodle mix white background
outdoor vaccine clinic
Three doodle dogs
Dog in park with owner waiting in line in grass
Four chicks in a row
Westie in Scottish Vest
Dog Birthday Party
Black Lab
Happy dog close up face
A happy Pomsky puppy sitting on a sidewalk
A newfoundland dog standing in a row of Japanese Maple trees at a garden center
A newfoundland dog sitting in front of a display of large planter pots
A newfoundland dog in a row of Japanese Maple Trees
A shepherd mix dog in front of stacks of planter pots